Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cinderella Preliminary Pageant

For those of you out there in the blogging world that know my family well, you know that my girls and I are highly involved in the Utah Cinderella Program. This is an awesome youth development program that is done within a pageant system. The Cinderella pageant was started in 1976 and has had a large number of girls go on to compete in the Miss America system and very successful careers. As a matter of fact Demi Lovato of Disney fame started out in the Cinderella program in Texas. There are quite a number of girls that say they owe what they do now to the skills and qualities they learned by participating in Cinderella.

Well here is the reason for this post. The Iron County preliminary pageant is coming up on May 16th at Gateway Preparatory Academy in Enoch. Currently they only have about 4 contestants and it may be canceled. I would hate to see this happen. Both my girls have learned so much from doing this wonderful pageant. Before anyone starts saying "Ewe a pageant", Cinderella is a natural pageant system that looks for "real kids in real clothes". If it was a "glitz, fake tan and teeth" pageant you can be guaranteed we wouldn't be doing it. Cinderella is for girls ages 3-26. There is also a baby pageant for girls newborn to 35 months. The woman division is for women 18-26 married or single. This year Iron County is also having a Prince Charming pageant for boys ages newborn to 5 years. The categories for the pageant are interview, talent (on stage interview for ages 3-6), modeling of casual wear and party dress and photogenic. Talent can not be any longer than 2:30.

If you want any further information about it you can contact me on my blog or email. You can also check out for more information and to learn more about this great program. We love it and are in our 12th year of participation. We've made friends all over the state and consider them part of our family. So go check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

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