Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CVHS Christmas Concert

On Thurs. the 18th was the annual CVHS Christmas concert. This concert is amazing in the fact that they involve all the different music auxiliaries in one concert. For the final number they have all 5 choirs, band and orchestra on the stage. It is truly an experience that stays with you. These students do an amazing job and I'm proud to say that my two oldest are very involved in the music department. Branden is in two choirs, Volume Men and A'Capella and Kaitlyn is in Orchestra and Girls Glee. They both love it, and how can you not when you have a great teacher like Mrs. Tawa? She makes it so enjoyable and really instills a love for music and singing in all of her students. In fact Branden has been chosen to be part of the Honor Choir that will be going up to Salt Lake and performing at Abravanel Hall. He also plays guitar and is teaching himself piano, but has recently asked me for some help with that one. He has an awesome ear that I wish I had. And speaking of musical kids Talise is learning to play the cello and is grasping it very well and Jacob looks like he'll be a piano player and then a percussionist. I'm am so lucky to have 4 children that have been blessed with musical talent and do whatever I can to help them develop their talents.

As always here are some pictures to enjoy....

Homemade soup and sugar cookies.....

So the other night my younger kids, Talise and Jacob, and I went to Susie's house for soup and to make cookies. Branden of course is too cool to go to one of my friends' house for something so trivial and Kaitlyn was cleaning her room so she could go to Taylor's house for a week. (If you have ever seen Kaitlyn's room you'd understand why it was such an undertaking). Anyway....Susie made homemade Minestrone which was de-lish and then we (Me, my kids, Susie and her kids) made sugar cookies. It was fun to watch the kids cut out and decorate cookies. The best part was listening to them try to sing karaoke. I don't think we'll be making any record contracts anytime soon. Here's the proof of our cookie fun.....

And for my personal favorite....the one I call "Two Reindeer and the Moon". Doesn't it look like that? All framed on the cookie sheet? You be the judge....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


OK so my kids had been bugging me since the first snowflake fell to take them sledding. You have to understand I have nothing against sledding, and actually love to watch them and sometimes participate myself when the mood strikes. But I like to do it on a sunny day with no wind. Remember where I live?? The no wind thing doesn't happen very often, but on Saturday we had all those conditions so we went. We went with Sandi Bettridge and her kids Brayden, Megyn, and Kyler. It was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast and didn't want to go home even after the sun went down and the temperature dropped immensely. Thank goodness for hot chocolate and a warm car....LOL!! Here are some pics...enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The things that keep me busy....

So I've had people asking me what's been keeping me busy lately....well besides work there are the activities of my kids. Two of the biggest are Talons for Kaitlyn and gymnastics for Talise.

Kaitlyn recently had two drill team competitions. One in Delta and this past weekend in Sandy. They are a lot of fun but my bum sure gets tired from sitting. I don't have any pictures of the competitions but here are some of my favorite of Kaitlyn and her friends.

Kaitlyn has a lot of fun and really enjoys being with her friends on Talons. Her next competition is the first weekend of January in Richfield. I'll try to get some more pictures then of their amazing prop routine.

I haven't been able to get any pictures of Talise doing gymnastics but here are a few from her team Christmas party.

And so now you all know what keeps me busy and why between kids and work I haven't been able to do anything for the holidays....maybe when school gets out this week I'll have some time.....NOT!! Oh well I can dream can't I?