Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Something new....

We're trying something new at our house....OK not really everyone in our house...just Kaitlyn. She's going to try out for cheer and Canyon View High School. This will be something new for her considering she has been dancing her whole life and has absolutely no cheer experience. She did get a great compliment today from the advisor and is working really hard to learn the cheer part. She has the leaps, jumps, and of course the dance down. I was teasing her and saying that now she just needs to learn to talk and move at the same time. Try-outs are next Monday and she'll know Tues if she makes it. Wish her luck!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This boy can sing....

What can I say???....this boy can sing!! We just got back from Region Solo and Ensemble and listening to Branden and his friend Ben sing. All I can say is WOW!! I don't get very many opportunities to just hear Branden sing. He's a baritone but you should hear him sing the tenor parts. Such a pure tone and so clear. OK I know I'm the mom but he really can sing.

So since it was Solo and Ensemble they were adjudicated. To be able to go on to State Solo and Ensemble you have to earn a 1. The very much sought after 1. Well guess what??? My son came home very ecstatic with his judging sheet in hand saying..."We're going to STATE!!...we got a 1!!!" There are only eight numbers from the school going to state and Branden and Ben are one of them. I'm so proud of him for this accomplishment. This is his first time doing solo and ensemble and as a proud mom I must say he did a great job. Maybe someday you'll all get to hear him sing and see what I mean.

Great job Branden....I love you!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good news....

So I went to the doctor yesterday for my two week post surgery checkup....and good news...I'm healing well and going back to work on Monday. He did however remind me that just because I'm feeling good doesn't mean that I'm totally healed. Which for those of you that know me is good advice because if I feel good I tend to do more than I should. So I'm doing very well but still have at least 4 more weeks of healing. We'll see how I do with the "not over doing it". My problem is that I don't know I've over-done it until I've done it....LOL!!

So I hope you all are enjoying the first day of spring as much as I am. Happy Spring!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've been silent again I know....

OK so I've been silent again....but a lot has been happening. For all of you that read my blog about Branden he is back and all is going well. We thought the girl was staying down with her uncle until the end of school but found out this week that she was back. I guess her credits from school wouldn't transfer since she was going to the charter high school here, so she's back. And it didn't take her long to try to start messing with Branden's head again. Luckily he's smarter this time and we caught her texting with her mom's phone which she wasn't supposed to be doing. So I called her step-dad that night and talked with her mom the next morning and she will no longer be bothering us. THANK GOODNESS!!! Now I don't like to see bad things happen to kids but what she was doing just wasn't right. I just hope she can get the help she needs to work through her problems.

Let's see what else...we finished another term of school and have been on a two week break. That last couple of weeks of school were a little trying for me considering what was happening with Branden and our home life. I made it through and then we went on a two week break. I like this schedule because just when you think you can't last another day you have two weeks off.

On March 3rd I had a hysterectomy. It was a Laproscopic Supercervical Hysterectomy for all you medical people out there. So I ended up with 4 1" incisions on my stomach and a very big ugly bruise. I've been off the heavy painkillers during the day for almost a full week, but still take them at night to sleep. I'm a stomach/side sleeper so as long as I don't feel anything I can sleep. LOL!! I'm healing pretty good I think but do get tired easy still and can get quite sore sitting in a chair. Thank you to all of you that brought in meals and sent well wishes and prayers. I go back to the Dr. on the 19th and hopefully get the green light for work etc.

So there you have it....I've been down for a little bit but life has gone on. The girls are still busy with their activities and Jacob is going to try baseball this year. Talise will be doing her first gymnastics meet in about 6 weeks. It should be fun. Branden is continuing to amaze me with the music he's playing on his guitar and recently on the piano. I've got some pretty amazing kids and I love them bunches!!

I'll try to get better at this but it's hard to teach an old lady new tricks.....TTFN!!